How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock From an iPad Run iOS 13.6/ 13.6.1/ 13.6.2 and iOS 14 Beta

iOS 13.6 is available for every iOS 13-compatible device. This means the iPhone 6S and newer and the 7th generation iPod touch. You should be prompted to upgrade automatically but, if not, you can trigger the update manually by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. While bypassing iCloud Activation Lock can be hard, it’s not impossible. This article will explain what Activation Lock is, why you might be running into it, how to bypass an iCloud lock, and make you aware of some scams you should avoid.

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Beta testers, if you are running iOS 14 (more about this in ‘The Road Ahead’ section at the end), you must unenroll your iPhone otherwise iOS 13.6 will not show up. iPad owners, Apple has moved you to iPadOS. This is not an iPadOS-focused guide, but I will touch upon pertinent issues in these guides. There are only a couple of ways to remove iCloud Activation Lock on an iPad. The easiest way is if you have access to the Apple ID username and password originally used to activate the device. You could have this because it’s your device or because you can contact the person who sold you the iPad.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on an iPad Using iCloud iOS 13.6 To iOS 14.0.3

If the person who sold you the iPad, and whose Apple ID the device is locked to, isn’t in a location where they can physically enter their username and password on the device, they can remove Activation Lock using iCloud. Here’s what they need to do:

Go to and sign in with the Apple ID username and password that they originally used to activate the iPad (and which the iPad is locked with).

Click Find iPhone.

Click All Devices.

  1. Click the iPad that needs to be unlocked.
  2. Click Erase iPad > Remove from Account.

With those steps completed, the iPad has been removed from their account and the Activation Lock should have been removed. Restart the iPad and, if it lets you set it up without showing the Activation Lock screen, the lock has been removed and you’re all set.

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